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Pastor Wayne Presnell
Date: July 23, 2017

TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral PassageDate
You Have Arrived at Your DestinationThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 16:6-15Sunday,
July 23, 2017
The 5 People You Meet in Church (Or at Least You Should)The Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 15:36 - 16:5Sunday,
July 16, 2017
The Peace PlanThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 15:1-35Sunday,
July 9, 2017
The Good, the Bad and the UglyThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 14:8-20Sunday,
July 2, 2017
Gather and ScatterMissions Sunday 2017Chris Davis from Global LeadSelections from the Book of ActsSunday,
June 25, 2017
When Love Comes to TownThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 13:13-52Sunday,
June 18, 2017
Mission PossibleThe Life of PaulpasActs 13:1-12Sunday,
June 11, 2017
The Little MegachurchThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 11: 19-30Sunday,
June 4, 2017
MonumentsJoshuaJosh HooperJoshua 4Sunday,
May 28, 2017
What Every Young Believer Should Be DoingThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 9:20-31Sunday,
May 21, 2017
A Walk of Grace or The Sunday a Bird Got Loose in the Sanctuary (LOL)The Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 9:10-19Sunday,
May 14, 2017
People CAN Change!The Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 9:1-8Sunday,
May 7, 2017
The First Domino to FallThe Life of PaulPastor Wayne PresnellActs 6:8 - 8:3Sunday,
April 30, 2017
Great Commission ThinkingLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 28:11-20Sunday,
April 23, 2017
Every Barrier RemovedLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 28:11-20Sunday,
April 16, 2017
The Sealed Tomb of Jesus (Good Friday Devotional)Love UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 27:57-66Friday,
April 14, 2017
Aftershocks from CalvaryLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 27:50-56Sunday,
April 9, 2017
The King's CrossLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 27:33-49Sunday,
April 2, 2017
Cruel and Unusual PunishmentLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 27:27-32Sunday,
March 26, 2017
Anatomy of a Bad DecisionLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 27:11-26Sunday,
March 19, 2017
Rising Above RegretLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 27:1-10Sunday,
March 12, 2017
When a Confession Falls ApartLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 26:69-75Sunday,
March 5, 2017
Guilty... By Reason of InsanityLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 26:56-68Sunday,
February 26, 2017
Betrayed!Love UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 26:47-56Sunday,
February 19, 2017
Desperation PrayerLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 26:36-46Sunday,
February 12, 2017
Mystery MealLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 26:14-30Sunday,
February 5, 2017
An Extravagant WorshipLove UnstoppablePastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 26:1-13Sunday,
January 29, 2017
Leadership! Training Tomorrow's Leaders TodayThings Your Pastor Wants You to KnowPastor Wayne PresnellJoshua 1:1-9Sunday,
January 22, 2017
Ministries: We are One BodyThings Your Pastor Wants You to KnowPastor Wayne Presnell1 Corinthians 12:12-27Sunday,
January 15, 2017
Connections: We Need Each OtherThings Your Pastor Wants You to KnowPastor Wayne PresnellHebrews 10:19-25Sunday,
January 8, 2017
Resolutions! Ringing in the New Year, Ring Out the OldThings Your Pastor Wants You to KnowPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 103Sunday,
January 1, 2017
Fear NotChristmas 2016Pastor Tim HooperLuke 2:10Sunday,
December 25, 2016
Christmas Eve Message - "God So Loved That He GAVE"Christmas 2016Pastor Wayne Presnell1 John 3:1, 4:7-11Saturday,
December 24, 2016
Too Blessed or Too Busy?Genesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 11:1-9Sunday,
December 18, 2016
The First Action HeroGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 6-7Sunday,
December 4, 2016
A Walk to RememberGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 5Sunday,
November 27, 2016
Confronting CainGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 4Sunday,
November 20, 2016
Ramifications and RedemptionGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 3:14-24Sunday,
November 13, 2016
The Blueprint of TemptationGenesis: BeginningsJosh HooperGenesis 3:1-13Sunday,
November 6, 2016
One FleshGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 2:18-25Sunday,
October 30, 2016
Back to the GardenGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 2:4-19Sunday,
October 23, 2016
A Time to RestGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 2:1-3Sunday,
October 16, 2016
Friend vs. FriendFriendship SundayPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 5:23-24; Matthew 18:15-17; Mark 11:25Sunday,
October 9, 2016
In the Great BeginningGenesis: BeginningsPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 1Sunday,
October 2, 2016
Jesus in DisguiseMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 25:31-46Sunday,
September 25, 2016
Hidden TalentsMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 25:14-30Sunday,
September 18, 2016
Wedding PreparationsMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 24:44-51; Matthew 25:1-13Sunday,
September 11, 2016
It's About TimeMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 24:32-43Sunday,
September 4, 2016
Jesus' Teaching on End TimesMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 24:15-31Sunday,
August 28, 2016
CommunionPastor Tim Hooper1 Corinthians 11:23-34Sunday,
August 21, 2016
Faithful Till the Sand Runs OutMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 24:1-14Sunday,
August 14, 2016
Things That Break the Heart of GodMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 23:34-39Sunday,
August 7, 2016
Life Without the MaskMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 23:13-33Sunday,
July 31, 2016
Servant LeadershipMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 23:1-12Sunday,
July 24, 2016
The Messiah TrapMatthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 22:15-46Sunday,
July 17, 2016
Please.... RSVP!Matthew: Storm WarningsPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 22:1-14Sunday,
July 10, 2016
A Song for the JoyfulPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 66Sunday,
July 3, 2016
A Song for Control FreaksPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 46Sunday,
June 26, 2016
A Song for FathersPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 36Sunday,
June 19, 2016
A Song for the GuiltyPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalms 32Sunday,
June 12, 2016
A Song for the Directionally ChallengedPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 23Sunday,
June 5, 2016
A Song for the GodlyPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 15Sunday,
May 29, 2016
A Song for the ForgottenPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 13Sunday,
May 22, 2016
A Song for the InsignificantPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 8Sunday,
May 8, 2016
A Song for Evening and MorningPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Tim HooperPsalm 4-5Sunday,
May 1, 2016
A Song for the RebelliousPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 2Sunday,
April 24, 2016
A Song for StudentsPsalms: Songs You Know By HeartPastor Wayne PresnellPsalm 1Sunday,
April 17, 2016
CornerstoneMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 21:28-46Sunday,
April 10, 2016
By What Authority?Matthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 21:12-27Sunday,
April 3, 2016
The Road Back to JoyEaster 2016Pastor Wayne PresnellLuke 24:13-36Sunday,
March 27, 2016
Blessed is He Who ComesMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 21:1-11Sunday,
March 20, 2016
Lord, I Want to SeeMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 20:29-34Sunday,
March 13, 2016
A Call to SacrificeMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Tim HooperMatthew 20:17-28Sunday,
March 6, 2016
Labor DisputeMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 20:1-16Sunday,
February 28, 2016
The One That Got AwayMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 19:16-30Sunday,
February 21, 2016
Sticking With ItMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 19:1-13Sunday,
February 14, 2016
The Priority of ForgivenessMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 18:21-35Sunday,
February 7, 2016
Caring for the "Little Ones"Matthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 18:1-14Sunday,
January 31, 2016
Jesus' "Last Lecture"Matthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 17:14-27Sunday,
January 24, 2016
Mountain Top MomentsMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 17:1-13Sunday,
January 17, 2016
Truly Radical DiscipleshipMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 16:21-28Sunday,
January 10, 2016
Who Do YOU Say That I Am?Matthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 16:13-23Sunday,
January 3, 2016
Packing Faith for the JourneyMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 16:1-12Sunday,
December 27, 2015
Compassion WorkshopMatthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 15:21-39Sunday,
December 13, 2015
Christmas: Tradition or Worship From the Heart?Matthew: Kingdom TrainingPastor Wayne PresnellMatthew 15:1-20Sunday,
December 6, 2015
Responding to Sexual AssaultJacob's JourneyPastor Wayne PresnellGenesis 34Monday,
October 27, 2014

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